Professional Services


Within Professional Services, we offer consulting services where we help you plan and implement your strategies, that is, take you from your current state to a defined future state. Our management consultants help companies see how they manage their IP, their IP management processes and innovation processes. Intellectual property is a complex matter and often involves high costs.

With the help of our management consultants and models, our clients can identify potential improvements in how they handle their IP. This is achieved by engaging with all those affected in the organization so that they can help in making their part of IP create value for the entire business.

Professional Services uses tools, models and methods to improve the handling of IP with the goal of aligning IP Management and Innovation.

Our management consultants primarily work with company management focusing on:

  • Planning innovation and intellectual property
  • Organizing innovation and intellectual property
  • Leadership within innovation and intellectual property
  • Monitoring, measuring and following up on innovation and intellectual property activities
  • How directives are created and followed up in the business