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Pike Stick for Firefighters with Built-in Thermal Camera

Problem Solved
During a fire, conditions behind walls and doors are difficult to determine. The conditions inside a room or space behind walls and doors may contain hazardous conditions or conditions conducive to flash-over or explosions. By using a penetrating tool with an infrared camera, temperature, and/or CO2 detector, the conditions behind the surface can be assessed for safe entry.

Description of Solution
A heavy duty spiked tool to be hammered into steel/wood/composite or other types of doors, walls, or surfaces that streams information or images over a communication module (WIFI, Bluetooth, etc.) to a handheld monitor mounted on the arm or a heads-up display. Possible information provide may include CO2 levels, temperature, visibility, and/or chances of backdraft or explosion. Another embodiment is a spear to clear and check within a ceiling.

A basic sensing pike would have a handle, hammer point, and spike. The spike would include an embedded infrared camera, recessed lens aperture, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/communication module to calculate and display the conditions and chances of backdraft or explosion based on the parameters provided by the sensors on the inside or other side of the surface pierced by the pike. An air aspirator port may be use to remove debris, if needed.


Other embodiments may use a spear, ram, pry-axe or standalone spike as a base.


By Tintin Razavian and Ron Lucier