Diversity gives strength – IP as part of the whole

We believe that companies thrive from different types of experience and expertise. It is often in the dynamic created by differing perspectives that a company develops. Our management reflects this by bringing together experienced individuals who can present both the client and the business perspective. They are both active and engaged in working together to fulfill IPQ’s promise – to constantly develop the IP industry and ensure that IPQ is at the forefront of this development.

Ruud Peters
Peter Ruud has experience from one of the world’s most IP-intensive companies, Philips. He is a sage within the sector and always has high demands on a company’s ability to have their IP assets give financial results.

Alex von Yxkull
Alex von Yxkull is one of the founders of Modular Management, which has successfully helped both industrial and service clients to modularize manufacturing. He has lengthy international experience and is very familiar with the field of consultancy.

Hanns Hallesius
Hanns Hallesius has experience from both the client side through his work at Electrolux, as well as the consultancy side, having led a successful IP agency in Sweden. He has extensive experience both from international work as well as the substantive issues within intellectual property law.

Peter Kylin
Peter Kylin is the CEO of Hynell Patenttjänst and Nellpat AB, and is a true entrepreneur. He has built successful patent businesses and broken new ground within the IP industry. He also has extensive knowledge within intellectual property law.

Michael Kitzler
Michael Kitzler is an owner/employee and team leader at IPQ.

Thomas Randes
Thomas Randes is an owner/employee and the CEO of IPQ.